Active Global Inc. manufactures and delivers of Eco-Friendly premium high quality specialized and standard grade Char coal base powder activated carbon PAC.

PAC Activated carbon powder is an adsorbent predominantly amorphous solid that has an extraordinarily large internal surface area and pore volume. These unique characteristics are responsible for its adsorptive properties, Activated carbon is usually made from Charcoal base this product is made from high quality raw material, Activated carbon is a porous material that removes organic compounds from liquids and gases by a process known as "adsorption."

Thermal activation method and Chemical food grade acids activation method a variety of refined from process Charcoal activated carbon, has a large specific surface area, high activity, pore developed, strong decolorizing power, structure increased surface area on mesopores and microspores of activated carbon makes the material suitable for good adsorption, a process by which impurities in substances The characteristics, can have a large variety of material such as the adsorption of the liquid color and impurities removal in many types of applications.



1. High surface area characterized by a large proportion of mesopores and macrospores.
2. Standard grade raw material.
3. Eco-friendly
4. Product customization as per client requirement


a) Pharmaceuticals
b) Mainly used in water treatment
c) Food industries
d) Soft drink & brewages
e) Oil Refineries & other applications.
F) Water filling Cartridges
G) RO Systems
H)Precious metal recovery
I) Air filtration & Gases

Product Specification

Product Identification Powder Activated Carbon
Material Char coal based
Material type Odour less Powder
M B Value 200-320 MBV mg /gm.
Methylene Blue Adsorption
Activation Agent Thermal activation /steam Air
Moisture Content 4-8 %
Ash Content 5-10 %
Mesh Size 200 (Customization Available)
pH 5-7
Test Standard ASTM
Acid soluble Substances 1-2%
Iron Content 600-1050 ppm

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