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Coconut shell base Powder Activated Carbon PAC Like its name, coconut shell activated carbon comes from the coconut shell. Activated carbon is commonly used to adsorb natural organic compounds, taste and odor compounds. Powder Activated carbon PAC coconut shell to create its activated carbon form, the coconut undergoes a steam activation process. During activation, it creates millions of pores at the surface of the carbon thus increasing the total surface area. Coconut shell carbon has mainly micro-pores to meso-pores and due to its unique distribution of pore diameter; coconut shell activated carbons are very popular in the gas phase purification and potable water purification industries. And purification is essential in the production of pharmaceutical products in worldwide. This product applies to all stages, from raw materials in intermediates to final product.


1. Extra-large specific surface area .
2. Extra-advanced microspores .
3. large apparent density
4. High capacitance
5. All sizes of particles available as per clients requirements


A) Remove unwanted natural and harmful anthropogenic compounds from edible oils.
B) Pharmaceuticals intermediates , antibiotics & API bulk drugs
C) Remove unwanted taste/odour or colour compounds.
D) Purifying uses also uses in non-Edible oils.
E) Decolorize sugar and syrups, food-grade products.
F) Decolorize and purify organic acids and amino acids from fermentation processes.
G) Remove chlorine and ozone in water and soft drink beverages.
H) Purify the carbon dioxide for use in carbonated drinks.
I) Purify fruit juices & energy drinks by removal of unwanted colour compounds
J) Other filteration application uses in gravity & pressure filters.
K) Water treatment & purification.

Product Specification

Product Identification Powder Activated Carbon Coconut shell (PAC)
Material Base 100 % Pure coconut shell
Material Type Black Odorless Powder
M B Value 200-320 Methylene Blue Adsorption
Activation Method Steam air / Thermal
Sizes 200 Mesh (Customization Available)
Iron Content 600-1000 ppm
Moisture Content 3-5% Max
Ash content 4-6%
pH Value 6.0-7.0
Test Standard ASTM
Acid soluble Substances 1-2 %

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