Active Global Inc. manufactures and delivers of Eco-Friendly premium high quality specialized and standard grade Char coal base Granular activated carbon GAC.
Charcoal based Activated carbon Granular produced from High quality Charcoal. This Charcoal based activated carbon Granules has high porosity and purity. Water Washed Charcoal based granular activated carbon High surface area. Majority is being used in the water and wastewater treatment, decolorization and vapor phase injection systems. These products prove to be generally economical and effective in a variety of filter media applications including water and air treatment. Charcoal GAC are used extensively across the air treatment industry as a cost-effective method for odour control or removal of specific contaminants."

a) Uniform particle sizes
b) Strong adsorption ability.
c) Good specific surface area and High pore volume
d) Highly developed pore structure
e) Speed filtration capacity
f) High Mechanical Strength

  a) Mainly used in water treatment
  b) Industrial water and wastewater purification
  c) Food & brewages
  d) Aquarium/pond water purification
  e) Electrical grounding system.
  f) Gas phase purification
  g) Potable water purification

Product Specification

Product Identification Granular Activated Carbon
Material Char coal based
Material type Odour less Black Granules
Iodine Value 450-800 IDV
Activation Agent Thermal activation /steam Air
Moisture Content 4-8 %
Ash Content 3-5 %
Mesh Size 4x8/4x10/5x7/6x12/8x16/8x20/8x30/
(Customization Available)
pH 5-8
Test Standard ASTM
Apparent Density (g/cc) 0.40.-0.54
Hardness 90-95%

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